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01. About Bumbulum

About Bumbulum

Bumbulum The Fool is an artist, who paints with the people’s smiles. He has travelled the world having great fun playing for the public and sharing his pleasure with them; he’s loved it and so will you! A dynamic playful character using subtlety, imagination and skill to create laugh out loud scenes. A unique brand of mayhem and physical comedy.The show has original gags gravity defying feats slapstick improvisation and plenty of audience interaction that will appeal to young and ancient alike.

Bumbulum (Shammy Amram) began performing in 1987 on Covent Garden’s famed West Piazza & by 1991 was regularly appearing on the London alternative scene & later the National Stand-up Comedy circuit, headlining top London comedy clubs, appearing at Jonglers and The Comedy Store amongst many others.

Bumbulum came 2nd Place in the Cardiff International Street Entertainers Festival & was winner of the Comedy Category & 3rd Place over all of The Time Out London International Street Entertainers Festival & was a Polo Mint Comedy Award Nominee. He trained with renowned clown teacher Philippe Gaulier & with founding members of Theatre De Complicite’s Simon

McBurney & Marcello Magni. Bumbulum has travelled the world demonstrating his own hilarious & exciting brand of controlled mayhem including much of Europe, the USA, Far East & the Caribbean. He has played in theatres, including the Theatre Royal & the National Theatre, at corporate events, festivals, clubs, amusement parks, resorts…you name it. Bumbulum has also made television

appearances, & even been on the radio (Yes, Juggling on the radio!). He was a featured artist on Paul McCartney’s video “Hope of Deliverance”.

02. Testimonials

Time Out Magazine

“Mayhem!.. a very good act!”

The Heckler Magazine

“If you’ve got a weak heart, then the laughing will kill you!”

Variety Magazine

“Emotionally Authentic”

Emma Thomson D.B.E

“Just really, so very very funny”

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04. Services



Bumbulum can offer to lead workshops for your event where desired. These will be tailored to your needs and interests, whether an intense experience that will extend your boundaries or a playful session to engage and satiate your groups curiosity, whether it be for children or adult novices, experienced professionals, or team building exercises for your company, or anything in-between, Bumbulum is happy to share his insight into the Art of the Fool and performing gained through his many years of experience and study in performance art.

Shamgar Amram


Bumbulum (Shamgar Amram) also works as an actor. In 2010 he was cast in the leading role of the eponymous character in the feature film “Bibliotheque Pascal” by the award winning Hungarian Director Szabolcs Hajdu. “I was in London, walking around Covent Garden and I came upon this group of 300 people watching this guy with a unicycle. Only the last 10 minutes involved the unicycle, the other 30 minutes was him just improvising & doing stand-up. I invited him to Budapest for a casting. We only needed half an hour, he was so convincing.” Szabolcs Hajdu The film was the Hungarian contender for the Best Foreign Language Oscar 2011. The film won a number of awards in Budapest, including the Golden Reel main prize, Best Cinematography & the Gene Moskowitz Prize. It has since gone on to appear in over 33 International Film Festivals, winning Cineuropa Prize & CICAE Award. Click here to see his Showreel

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